Vibration Therapy And Youngsters

No racing this week but some good progress with the horses' fitness levels as most have completed three weeks pre training and are ready for more stamina work and cantering.

We continue to add to our facilities and this week we had a vibrating floor installed at Arlary. An aid to boost circulation, and used in recovery and to boost well being the vibrations are cyclical, horizontal and vertical. Initially used to boost bone density in athletes it is also proven to increase hoof growth, but I think that the most useful function is to act as an all over massage to relieve muscle and joint stiffness and to warm up the muscles. 

At Kilduff we have a therapy room with heat lamps, a tens machine and the water treadmill, which have all added to and increased our horses' recovery from exercise, and we were keen for an additional aid at Arlary. This vibrating floor is for therapeutic use on the horses at Arlary who are in full training, pre and post race. 

Our three year olds are back in training and two of the two year olds from France have been broken in. Pictured is the view through Netywell's ears as he hacks out with Gregor, great progress in two weeks.

We have also been joined full time on the yard by Connor McCann, just fifteen years old, Connor has ridden out for us at weekends and with experience in pony racing he hopes to be a professional jockey in the future. He, and all the riders here are riding between five and eight horses a day and gaining valuable fitness and experience while doing so.


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  • Hugh

    Sky Khan 4 years without a win . Is it any wonder when you have handicappers who drop a horse who finished 8 lengths in front of your horse 8lbs while your horse only got 4lb shaved off . I do admit the horse in question has since run in Ireland but ran with credit then . Should Sky Khan run against Skeaping in the near future if I was the owner of Sky Khan I would be asking questions of the handicapper.

    Jul 21, 2019 @ 6:53pm
  • Hugh

    I may not have been correct with Skeaping rating as ATR site mark differ’s from RP site however I am always watching for anomalies. There was one last week when the 3rd South trained got dropped 4lb and the 2 North Horses in 4th/5th got 2lb off . What the hellos going on there ?? Anyway Boys on Tour 8lb rise . That’s questionable. The race had already fallen apart when Cake De L’isle clearly hit a flat spot so that left Boys on Tour to saunter in with no competition.. A 3lb rise would of been enough in my opinion but I hope you prove me wrong , it has been known !!

    Jul 23, 2019 @ 9:35am

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