Mighty Thunder Third And Pre Perth Day Three

We were pleased with Mighty Thunder's third place in the staying hurdle race, he stayed on well and hurdled with zest, just finding an injection of pace mid race a bit sharp. He has developed really well over this season and with scope to strengthen and mature further he should make a staying chaser to be proud of.

Gripper coped with his first hurdle race and will improve a lot ofr the run and experience while Make It Happen was outpaced over the two mile trip and while he kept at his game he could not match the sprint for home. Touchedbyanangel ran an odd race, keen to start then not travelling and we have work to do on him.

 We have a mix of runners tomorrow at Perth with the experienced Boys On Tour back chasing at one of his favourite tracks. He has a nice low weight as does Sky Khan who has been in great form at home and runs in the two and a half mile hurdle. Misfits loves long distance races and any rain would help his chances in the Highland National. Finally, we have two debutantes in the good going Mannochmore and Flutter Down; both will need a longer distance in time but start their careers tomorrow.

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  • Hugh

    Same old issues Perth . Handicapping. The 2 races Liad Up Time ran in highlighted the gulf between Nirth horses and Irish ... Punchestown next . Sky Khan has an entry . At Perth would run off levels with From Eden , in Ireland has to give that hirse 4lb ... if it was down to me SKy should be getting 6lbs from Eden . So to be be 10lb wrong before you jump a hurdle , UK horses face s hell of an uphill battle . Is it any wonder there is less interest in Punchestown from a U.K. point of view than there is in Perth from an Irish point of view .At another meeting I noted 2 horses making there handicap debiuts off 100 in the North . They went off 66/1 and 100/1 . The whole point of giving a horse a mark after 2/3/4 runs is to at least make it competitive but in many cases in the North you need 8/9/10 runs before one can compete. I got offered a horse 109 rated . Wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole . Told the trainer Maybe once he is 90 horse give me a call and so it goes on . Another season starts and we have the same people at the helm of the bha and it’s costing owners / trainers in the Nirth 000s in lost prize money cause they can’t handicap races properly. Hugh

    Apr 28, 2019 @ 7:05am

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