Tuesday Visitors

The high winds were not too bad, and other than one wing down, and the long grass looking as if it had been combed flat, there was little evidence of storms this morning. It was still quite blowy but nothing bad, and the field horses were delighted to be turned out again after breakfast.

We had a busy morning of visitors. John Murray and Lynne and Angus Maclennan came to see Newtown Lad canter and to plan his first few races. He has done well since returning to training and we would like to think that he will be a decent heavy ground stayer for the yard. 

Also in was Peter Brown who came to pick up his Lord Mansfield Memorial Trophy that Mumgos Debut won at Perth; he is pictured giving Mumgos a deserved pat. Peter also admired Urban Kode, the tough terrier-like hurdler who has given his owners such fun and success through the past few years. Kody is ready to run again, though is better on good ground so we will need to choose his next race carefully.  


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