Staff Update

We have had plenty of additions to the staff recently some of whom have slipped through the net for the website news page.

At Kilduff we have added four members of staff: second head lad Carey Williams brings a lifetime of experience. He worked originally for Scu's father Michael before a globetrotting career in racing including preparing yearlings and training flat horses in Norway, Germany and Britiain. He has been headhunted to help Jordan run Kilduff and will be in charge of a barn as well as helping oversee the yard and staff there.

Andy Gudgeon is also very experienced and having worked in and around Lambourn he decided to move back to be closer to his family in Scotland. He was highly recommended by his previous trainer, Jo Davis, and has fitted in really well helping to run the middle barn with Katie at Kilduff. 

Bonnie Brown is at the other end of the experience ladder and this is her first job in racing. She is keen to ride and has been leading the young horses on Tap Night, as well as helping the team at Kilduff with stable duties. 

Bradley Morgan is also based at Kilduff as a yardman and having worked on farms all of his life he can drive the tractors and help Will with the farmwork as well as the yards.

We have also been joined by David Gorman who is an experienced rider and is very useful as we have a number of horses who have just come back into work, as well as some three year olds. 

Finally, Melony Williamson has completed her Level one at the British Racing School and is working full time for us riding and on the yard at Arlary. Being Leanne's sister we have known her for some time and she has ridden out and helped here in her school holidays.


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  • Ms Anne MacInnes

    Hope to meet you all in the future. All of you have joined a great team at Lucinda's.

    Oct 10, 2017 @ 9:57pm

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